5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Commercial Windows

As the owner of a commercial property, it is important to maintain the profits earned from the building and to improve the property’s value. One way to do this is to consider new windows if those in your commercial property are old or in disrepair.

There are numerous advantages to replacing your commercial windows, but this will require an investment to purchase and install the windows. These are the factors to consider when weighing the pros and cons of replacing commercial windows.

Save money on utility bills with more energy-efficient windows

Commercial buildings that have older windows are typically less energy efficient than newer buildings. This can lead to large utility bills. Replacing commercial windows can help greatly reduce utility bills because they are more energy efficient.

Modern windows made of wood, fiberglass or vinyl can provide better energy efficiency than the old windows used decades ago. Lower utility bills mean more money that stays in the building owner’s pocket.

Keep businesses more inviting with windows that reduce noise

A business on a busy city street can attract a lot of customers, but it also can be a noisy environment when old windows do not keep the noisy city out of the commercial space. New windows can be chosen that will help reduce the noise that comes into a business.

These noise-reducing windows can be thicker, keeping more sound out of your business. Better installation methods today can also help reduce noise from busy streets, such as a proper seal between the window frame and the sash.

Improve security with more modern windows

Your older windows in your business may be easy for thieves to shatter to gain access to your business. But newer windows with tempered or laminated glass make it more difficult to break the windows.

Laminated glass is more difficult to shatter, and can help businesses avoid potentially dangerous situations that could impact employees and customers. Tempered glass is more difficult to break and can discourage intruders who may be looking for easy access to a business.

Contact Pinnacle Commercial Contracting to discuss the different security options available with modern windows.

Transform the look of your commercial property

New windows can truly change the appearance of an older commercial property. With the investment of replacing the old windows, you can provide a transformative face lift for your commercial building’s facade.

New replacement windows come in different finishes that can complement or update your commercial building’s exterior. Windows with a modern black finish can give a commercial building a clean, sleek appearance. New storefront windows can make your business appear more inviting and attract more customers.

New windows can also help change the color of your building, with a variety of different exterior finishes and beautiful interior colors available. You can also consider different hardware and other design options to add to the aesthetic of your commercial building.

Increase your commercial building’s value

With the addition of new windows to your commercial building, you can increase its value. The new windows provide better energy efficiency, reduce outside noise, help improve security and provide a fresh, new look for your building. These are all selling points that make your property more valuable.

These improvements will also help attract more tenants, which means you may be able to increase your rent prices. This will also help improve the profit earned on your property. The new windows will allow you to advertise the building as a renovated and newly updated space.

You can help improve your profits from your commercial property and increase its value with replacement windows. Discuss the options that work best for your business with the experts at Pinnacle Commercial Contracting. By working with Pinnacle, your business will receive the highest quality commercial windows and workmanship, delivered and installed to fit your schedule and needs. Pinnacle’s devotion to superior customer service provides your business with outstanding results that will last for many years to come.

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