How to Select the Best Type of Flooring for Your Commercial Space

It is not always something you notice when you walk into a business, but the right floor is a big consideration that must last for many years and is easy to maintain.

That is why the choice of flooring for a commercial building is so important. The right floors will serve your business and customers, save you time and money, and help you avoid problems in the future.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to make the right choice of flooring for your commercial space. But there are some basic questions you must answer before making that selection.

How will space be used?

A key consideration when selecting the right flooring for a commercial building is identifying how the space will be used. This will help identify the right options for flooring for the type of business you are running.

For example, businesses that expect a lot of foot traffic must consider durable flooring. In other cases, the flooring must be durable enough to handle stains and spills that can easily be cleaned up, such as in a restaurant. The function of the space will be a major factor in identifying the options for flooring for your business.

A business that includes heavy equipment operations must ensure that it has flooring that can handle not only the machinery, but also cleanup of spills that will likely occur, such as in an industrial warehouse.

For businesses that offer accommodations, such as senior centers, multi-family housing and hotels, the flooring must be comfortable and inviting. But it also needs to be able to withstand frequent cleanups, heavy traffic and spills. Medical offices and facilities must have durable flooring that can be frequently sanitized.

Consider the way the floors in your business will be used when choosing the best options.

What type of maintenance is required?

It is important to consider the type of maintenance and repairs that flooring requires when choosing what works best in a commercial building. For example, carpeting can give a commercial space a cozy and comfortable feel, but it is often not a good choice for many businesses because it is too expensive to maintain. It also will wear quickly with heavy foot traffic, meaning it would be expensive to replace on a frequent basis.

Many businesses prefer hard surface flooring because it is easy to maintain and is durable enough to use for many years. While its initial purchase and installation is more expensive that commercial quality carpeting, it will last longer and be easier to maintain over the years.

The long-term maintenance and replacement costs make hard surface flooring a good option. Laminate flooring is popular because it is relatively easy to install and maintain. Ceramic tiles that are manufactured to look like wood are more expensive, but they will also last a long time and are more durable in heavy traffic businesses, such as office spaces, retail businesses and restaurants. These ceramic tiles can offer a commercial space an inviting and attractive look that can last many years.

How much money can you afford to spend on flooring?

Another key factor that determines what type of flooring to choose for a commercial space is the amount of money that you can afford to spend. While the type of business, the maintenance requirements and the floor’s attractiveness are all important, flooring can be one of the biggest expenses at a business.

The amount of money a business owner can spend will play a big role in the flooring option chosen. This is why carpeting seems inviting to many business owners, because it is so inexpensive. But it is also the least durable option. Polished, scored concrete is durable and beautiful, but it can be expensive to install for a business.

Consider the short- and long-term costs of flooring when selecting what works best in your business.

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