How To Select The Best Type Of Windows For Your Commercial Building

When choosing windows for a commercial building, the property owner should consider 3 things – style, material, and durability vs. cost. It’s not the most expensive window that makes the most sense, but it is the type and style of window that fits your current budget, along with the building’s architectural style.

So, start with a window frame material (which will also dictate the cost), then choose the style that will beautify, add privacy and/or security, while keeping out drafts and maintaining interior comfort levels for your customers.

Commercial window material choices

Vinyl commercial windows

Consider vinyl windows which are the most economical choice for a commercial building, because they are fairly durable, budget-friendly, and are also energy efficient and weather-resistant. Vinyl windows can be painted to contrast or complement the building’s exterior, and are the best choice for low-maintenance commercial windows.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum window frames are stronger than vinyl frames, so consider this option for large openings and for warmer climates, because aluminum frames can conduct cold air in during the winter or your conditioned air out during the summer. Consider aluminum windows with an anodized or baked-on finish for added beauty and durability.

Fiberglass window frames

Fiberglass commercial windows are the premium choice for durability, beauty, energy-efficiency, and weather-resistance. Fiberglass is a natural insulator, so these windows will not conduct your heated air out. With such a wide variety of styles, sizes, and color options, choosing fiberglass windows makes sense because they can last 50 years or more.

Wood or composite wood frames

Wood framed windows are extremely beautiful, last a long time, and are good at insulation. But, wood is high maintenance, so many commercial owners that desire the warmth that wood windows project will choose a composite wood frame. These window frames cover a wood interior with a durable, cellular PVC exterior, so they last longer, are low maintenance, and still exhibit the beauty of wood.

How to select the best style window

The style of window you choose for a commercial building is often dictated by the window location, the size of the opening, and the window’s function – such as allowing for air circulation, adding privacy or security, or allowing customers to view interior merchandise.

Single-hung and double-hung windows are the go-to windows for standard openings, but let’s explore other window styles that you may not have considered and can add beauty and function.

Awning windows

Add classic beauty to the building’s exterior with awning windows that open up and out like an awning. These wide horizontal windows provide for more ventilation because they are easily cranked open.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are typically hinged on one side, and will pivot outwards like a door. If you want windows that appear less commercial, then the vertical profile of casement windows are a good choice. They are also easy to open and allow for maximum ventilation when desired.

Picture windows

A large opening demands a large window, and this is the job of picture windows – which are common for the front exterior of retail stores. But any commercial business will benefit from the increased interior light that picture windows provide. Picture windows are fixed in place and do not open. Picture windows add another level of design style to exteriors while making the interior space seem larger.

Sliding windows

When you need to save space, sliding windows offer a smaller frame size while still allowing maximum light and air infiltration. The mechanics of sliding windows are simple, so no need for much maintenance – just clean and lubricate the frame and sliding mechanism every few years to keep sliding windows operating very well.

Bow and Bay Windows

These windows will add architectural charm and detail to any commercial structure, so if you’re conducting a beautification project, choose a bow or bay window. These windows are typically non-opening and can be either large-framed or small. A bow window is curved, with a rounded appearance created by four or more window panels. A bay window has 3 angled window panels projecting outward.

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